4 Stages Turn a Idea Into a Product

Step1. emergence of product ideas to solve the problem

A new product is hatched from a new idea,but how does that idea come from? Look for one or more problems in the current product, then solve the problem. A new technologies, just like Apple iPhone, From a wireless communication device to a high-tech electronic device integrating work,entertainment,communication functions. iPhone phones improve people’s production efficiency and reduce transaction costs. cover iphone 7 plus custodia outlet Thanks to new materials that make cars lighter and safer, increase battery life all these new materials provide the conditions for the birth of electric cars.Nowadays Tesla is now a symbol of energy efficiency and environmental protection, Dyson introduced an electric fan with no fan design in 2009,This design overturns people’s understanding of electric fans, and is more environmentally friendly and efficient What kind of problem is the beginning of your new product and the selling point of your new product.

Step2. cover samsung custodia Validate product ideas: Collect data and information

The starting point of design is the collection of design original data, and the process is the scientific and comprehensive analysis and processing of various parameters to arrive at the design. If you want to get relevant information, you need to conduct market research, consumer research. About market research: 1) collect the sales, popularity and new product requirements of similar products 2) investigate various problems of the product 3) Learn much about competitors』 product strategies and design directions, specifications and varieties, quality objectives, price strategies, technical upgrading, after-sales service, etc 4) read reports on similar products in relevant journals, including the latest development trend of products, production and sales of relevant manufacturers, 5) investigate users』 expectations of products and so on About consumers: The most extensive collection and analysis of consumer’s use behavior, use environment, consumption ability, consumption habit, social hierarchy and other information, and give full consideration to the development of regional differences, cultural differences and popular situation.

Step3. List Effective solution

Based on previous research, list effective solutions. My personal understanding is to achieve the desired goal of the solution, rather than the list of all possible solutions. The design idea can be quickly expressed through sketch. By this stage, the prototype of the product has appeared, but there is still a long way to go before the product can be truly recognized by consumers.

Step4. samsung custodia original Design and construction of product prototype

Through the first three steps, we get an idea and sketch of the most feasible product and it is only at this stage that the manufacturing of the product really begins. First, make the product design drawing according to the grass drawing, through different design software such as corel draw, illustrator,3dmax, etc. cover iphone custodia If you can use one of these software, otherwise you need help. The engineers in our studio will help you create a computer rendering based on your grass drawing and size scale. samsung custodia outlet Secondly, it is the production of product model, which is based on the preliminary qualitative product design scheme, according to a certain size proportion, choose a variety of suitable materials to make a three-dimensional model close to the real product. This close to the real product model can be more accurate and intuitive translation design ideas. At the same time, it is also a reliable basis to further improve the design scheme through product model.

process step 1
process step 2
process step 3
process step 4
We have more than 30 years of experience in this area, through plaster models, plastic models, wood models, paper models and so on, you can more quickly three-dimensional products, through continuous improvement, to create products that meet the needs of consumers. The core of product design is the 「design-build-test」 cycle, which takes a very long time to produce products that meet consumer expectations. Innovation is not an easy process, but it has the power to propel you into the business world and open doors.